Preschool Story Hour

Story hour is back!!!!!

Preschool Story hour will continue at Erwin Library on Thursday’s, from 10:30 – 11:30. All preschoolers are welcome!

Come enjoy some great children books, arts and crafts and a delicious snack with various themes each week.


Hope to see everyone there!! 

New Books!

                                                         Just a few new Mystery Books we having coming soon!!!!

                                 Just a few new Fiction Books we have coming soon!!!!

While these books may not be on the shelf when you come in, you can be placed on the hold list for them, or check the Mid York website to see if the digital copies are available for your tablet or computer.

In addition, stop in and find out about Zinio (the free digital magazine lending service) and Overdrive (free digital books) offered by Mid York libraries.

So many choices!

Banned Book Week – A Brief History

Being a Brief History


The Erwin Library’s Annual Book Ban


Banned Books Week was started in 19 82 as a way to make Americans aware of how precious the right to free access to literature is. Many libraries celebrate with posters, displays of banned books, discussion panels, and movies. These are all very nice, except that nobody pays much attention to posters or displays, nobody goes to discussion panels, and the most commonly played movie during this week, Fahrenheit 451, is more apt to incite giggles at the “futuristic” décor than discussion about the topic at hand. Be that as it may, this is what other libraries do.

But we’re not like other libraries.


In 2005, two employees of the Erwin Library, who have elected to remain nameless, were discussing different ways to celebrate Banned Books Week. Posters and displays had had in the past been less than effective, and a discussion panel was essentially a pipe dream. How to make people aware of Banned Books Week, in a way that was new and different? the two employees pondered.

They agreed that low key was not the way to go. People don’t think about cute posters with books in cages, and people ignore stacks of classic literature with little legends that say “banned” underneath them. How to make an impression? Having a book burning was discussed, with the employees wistfully considering the books that they would most like to see burned. How ever, this was discarded as impractical, counter to the message that they wished to convey, and probably illegal (it was pretty much a given that somewhere in the town ordinances would be one prohibiting the combination of large amounts of paper and lighter fluid and the subsequent combustion thereof, in a public venue located under a large tree.) What to do, what to do. . .

One thing was certain: whatever they did, it was going to have to be annoying. After all, annoying makes more of an impression than tasteful or subtle, and it’s remembered longer. Finally, when it looked like burning books, and the arrests that would ensue, were the only option, one of them said, “Hey! Wait just a minute! It’s Banned Books Week! Let’s BAN BOOKS!”

And so the Book Ban was born (more or less).


Banned book week is November 24, 2011 to October 1, 2011.

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